2014 In Review

The year is almost over and it’s been both full and exciting. During the first part of 2014 I received my first publishing contract with Soul Mate Publishing and another for a short story with Mélange Books. Watching my dreams begin to come true was amazing enough, but getting two offers was mind blowing.

The spring also brought with it a move for my family. We were whisked away from our friends in Alabama and carried across the southeast to Texas. We’ve lived here once before in a different city where we made lifelong friends, and fortunately, we love our new place just as much. The people are friendly and I’ve been able to join ARWA where I’ve met all sorts of talented writers. Hopefully, I’ll continue to get to know them and some of their wisdom will rub off on me.

The fall was busy as it always seems to be. Our oldest started Kindergarten and lost his first teeth. As you can imagine new traditions began and chaos ensued. In October, my Christmas short story was published as part of an anthology. To help promote the release I took part in my first FB launch party. Lots of learning still to do, but it was fun and I was able to meet several other writers. If you’re ever given the chance, take part in an anthology. It offers a wide variety and allows you to work closely with other authors. And you can always learn from your fellow writers.

Toward the end of November, my family lost one of its members to cancer. It was a difficult time for us all, but thanks to the support of good friends and a wonderful close-knit family, we were able to deal with our loss and be together during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The holidays are wrapping up, but as I bid farewell to 2014, I will remember it fondly and take what I have learned into the New Year. May you all embrace 2015 and seek out your dreams.