Some Characters Stick

As we approach the return of Fall TV (praise the Lord), we also get to enjoy the return of some of our favorite characters all while hopefully finding a few new ones to love. Unfortunately, Riggs played by Clayne Crawford won’t be among those returning.

While I know it’s crappy of him to have acted the way he did on set, I wish his public apology had been enough to save his job. No one deserves to work in a toxic environment, but his onscreen chemistry with Damon Wayans was on point and will be tricky to replace though FOX is going to try in Seann Willian Scott.

I am a fan of the Lethal Weapon movies and always have been that’s why when I heard FOX was making a reboot in the form of a television show I was skeptical. Who could possibly portray Murtaugh and Riggs as well as Danny Glover and Mel Gibson had? Before I watched the show I was sure it was impossible, but my opinion changed in episode one.

Take a minute to appreciate what a great job he did and then join me in lamenting over our loss.


Fingers crossed we can find some new characters to love this fall–A Million Little Things has potential and I’ll be sure to weigh in after it airs.

#lethalweapon #teamclayne #fallTV

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