Review: Incredibles 2

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of taking my little guys to see Incredibles 2. In the usual Disney/Pixar fashion, there were heartwarming moments, humor, and a story line capable of resonating with families everywhere. The film also touched on relevant topics such as mom guilt and how hard raising kids can be—but of course it was all done through humor.


In one particular scene involving a raccoon, I found myself laughing as hard if not harder than my kids, which is refreshing since so many movies geared toward the younger audience can’t seem to do better than the ever tired fart jokes. High-fives all around to the team behind the movie and for making it one that wasn’t painful to sit through. To the parents who suffer through a lot of kid movies, know what I mean.



Bottom line: Go for the air conditioning. Stay for Jack-Jack. You won’t be disappointed.

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