Author Tip – How to deal with unclaimed gifts

On this week’s post I wanted to pass on a little wisdom I picked up recently. For those of you who are published there’s a pretty good chance you’ve given away copies of eBooks. I, like you, have given away a lot over the past two years and honestly, until someone mentioned it to me, didn’t even think about the fact there might be some that were unclaimed.

So, what can you do about the unclaimed books? It turns out you can get the money back via Amazon gift card. That’s right, you can recoup the money to use another time. How you ask? By following the steps in the image below.


I was able to get almost $30 worth of books back and I know others who were able to get much more. In other words, it’s worth your time to check into it. Let me know if you were successful in the comments below.

Best of luck in your efforts!

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