My First Book Signing

So, this post is about a month late, but tis the season, right? It seems that if you don’t A. work at Target, B. work at Barnes N’ Noble, or C. aren’t singing dressed as either a snowman or reindeer, I probably haven’t spoken to you in the last month. Why you ask? Because on top of being an author, I’m a mom, and like those of you with kids know, moms are responsible for putting the magic into the holidays.

Before all the Christmas crazy took over my life, something awesome did happen. I had my first book signing in Warm Springs, Georgia, where my trilogy is set. It was wonderful. Several members of my family stopped by as did some of my friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. I also had the privilege of meeting some new, wonderful people, who I hope will enjoy the book. It was everything I dreamt it would be and more. Easy peasy, right? Well, sort of.

December 2015 162

One thing to remember is that as a writer, I spend lots of time alone in my writing cave. I’m happy there. In fact, I’m comfortable in my solitude, but this whole book signing thing forced me out into the big, wide world. Was I scared? Oh yes. Did it go smoothly? Yes and no. While there were lots of faces and hugs, there was also a shortage of books.

Gasp! A lack of books you say? That’s right. I had a place all lined up and a banner printed, but the books coming from my publisher didn’t arrive on time. It was through no fault of theirs. They did everything possible to get them there, including expedited shipping, but as we all know shipping can be a funny thing with a timeline all its own.

Now, since I’m a crazy person with no trust for the shipping world, I ordered a handful of my own copies to drag along in my suitcase and boy was I glad. They made it to my house the day before I jumped on the plane. So, with my handful of books I went to my signing where I sold them all and then some. I handled the drama by shipping books to close friends and family because they still love me snafus and all. It was quite a day.

December 2015 160

After it was all said and done was it worth all the stress you ask? Definitely. The store owner is now selling my book, I added a few names to my newsletter list, and I picked up a few new readers along the way, which is what we all want in the end, am I right? If you have the chance to do a signing, no matter how big or how small, do it. Get out there and share yourself and your story with the world. Who knows, you might meet some interesting people who would make excellent future characters along the way.


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