Author Spotlight on Carly Jordynn

This week fellow author Carly Jordynn has stopped by to share her latest book with us and to chat about her favorite YA series. Take a moment to say hello in the comments or let her know if you too have a love for YA.

My Favorite YA Series

When I sat down to write this blog, I thought it would be a piece of cake. What is your favorite YA series and why? I had one series pop into my mind and then another and another——get the idea? This wasn’t as easy as it looked. I then decided to make a list thinking this would help narrow things down.

The Divergent Series    by: Veronica Roth
The Hunger Games        by: Suzanne Collins
The Mortal Instruments by: Cassandra Clare
The Infernal Devices    by: Cassandra Clare
The Twilight Series     by: Stephenie Meyer
The Trylle Series       by: Amanda Hocking
The Belgariad Series    by: David Eddings
The Mallorean Series    by: David Eddings
The Vanishing Series    by: Meg Cabot
The Mediator Series     by: Meg Cabot
The Harry Potter Series by: J.K. Rowling
The Unearthly Series    by: Cynthia Hand

I felt better after making the list, but then I had to choose. Which one was my favorite? It’s silly, but I feel like I’m cheating on the others by choosing just one. After much fretting, I narrowed the list down to five series.

The Mortal Instruments
The Trylle Series
The Harry Potter Series
The Vanishing Series
The Belgariad/Mallorean Series (you think I’m cheating by putting both, but I’m not. The Mallorean is actually a continuation of the Belgariad series.)

I have special memories from all these books. In the Mortal Instruments, I wanted to be a Shadow Hunter. I wanted the skills and strength they possessed, but most of all, I wanted to hang out with Jace Herondale. He is one cool cat. In the Trylle series, I felt a little angry that Wendy chose Loki over Finn. I know it had to do with her position and all, but I really wanted Finn and Wendy to be together. I fell hard for the Harry Potter series, the magic, the friendships, and fantasy. It was all bloody fantastic. It was a great escape from reality. In the Vanishing series, I discovered the character of Jess. She is a cool girl who loves motorcycles, the bad boy who is really a good guy, and she’s psychic. When I want a light read with action and romance, I turn to this series. The final is the Belgariad/Mallorean series. I started reading this series back in college. I picked it because the cover was cool. It’s a ten book series, so it took ten years to read (one book per year). The characters are endearing. This is a classic good versus evil series. Although, you actually do feel a little sorry for the bad guy at the end which made this series an outstanding read.

So, after taking all that into consideration, I finally made my decision. My favorite series of these five would be The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. It has everything and more that I look for in a series. It has action, romance, magic, good versus evil, endearing characters, and lasting friendships. Cassie brings her world to life with a skill that I am frankly amazed at. Those books are huge and yet she manages to keep every detail straight throughout. She is a true storyteller.

Books by Carly


ForestoftheMist_400Lily Lavery never dreamed her homecoming night would turn out like this. She never expected to become orphaned, in a coma, and enter an alternate reality, all in one evening. She thought she would arrive at the dance to the cheers of her classmates after being crowned homecoming princess at the big game, dance the night away with her handsome boyfriend, Alex McGuire, and maybe end the night in his arms. Her heart betrayed her when she met and fell in love with Connor O’Brien in the alternate realm known as Paradise Valley. Now she must battle foes in the Dark Land and her own feelings as she struggles to return to reality.

Buy it here.


shamrock_400x600Jennifer Burke Kyle has been in a coma. Upon waking, she discovered her infant son was half-grown, has some rather unique powers, and she has been ordered by her dead husband to marry a complete stranger, Alex McGuire. As if that wasn’t enough to make her want to go back to sleep, she, along with her friends from the alternate realm Paradise Valley, must escape the government research group, PRI, and it’s agents, in order to protect the still comatose, Colin O’Brien.

Coming Summer 2015


SashaRetiredSlayer_105x158An impending war and ineffectual Slayer has seventeen-year-old Sasha, coming out of retirement. With her 167 year old vampire boyfriend, his great-great-grandson, her Watcher, and a select group of vamps, Sasha faces the monster behind the war, as well as, the battle for her heart.

Buy it here.

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