Day #3 in the Spring for Love Blog Hop

G’day friends, sorry I just had to say that since my final guest in the blog hop is Layne Macadam with her book Obsession Down Under. Wouldn’t we all like a hot Aussie to invite us to their ranch? Make sure to grab your copy and enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card by entering the rafflecopter below. Happy reading!

Layne Macadam - ObsessionDownUnder-SundayJessica Butler-Reid’s life is predictable—boring. The daughter of a Minister and his aging wife, she sees her life heading down the same dull monotonous path as her mother’s, organizing church fetes, bazaars, and bake-offs.

It seems destined to stay that way until her innocent Internet friendship with Australian cattle rancher Whip McGregor, develops into a no-holds-barred Internet affair.

So when Whip invites her to his property on an all expenses paid holiday, despite the doom and gloom prophecy from her best friend, she leaps at the offer, believing it’s her one shot at the adventure of a lifetime. Little does she realize though, her acceptance of his invitation is the catalyst that puts more than one life in mortal danger and changes her life forever.

Buy it here.

A little about author Layne Macadam.

I live on the beautiful east coast of Australia with my husband, two dogs and a cat named Bob. I have a full-time job with a degree in history and I’ve always been an avid reader with a vivid imagination. So writing romance seemed a natural progression for me, and of course, I love a happy ending. Although daunting, once I actually started tapping on the keys, the words kept flowing and before I knew it I had written my first book. I write erotic romance, contemporary sci-fi and paranormal, with thoughts of doing an historical in the not too distant future.

Find Layne around the web:

Since this is a Spring for Love hop, name one thing you love about Spring and a short reason why: Spring is my favorite time of year. The air is fragrant with the flowers in bloom, the grass is green and the days are lengthening so it’s goodbye to winter chills and heavy coats and hello to swimsuits and sunglasses.

Be sure to check out Layne’s other titles, Desire Unleashed and Star Crossed Lovers.

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway here.

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