A Little Encouragement

Encouragement can come from anywhere and there are days as a writer when a little goes a long way. For example, after attending my first local chapter meeting, I left feeling a little star-struck and a tiny bit of self-doubt started creeping in. When you’re in a room with multi-published authors who have the kind of career you long for and the kind of talent that makes you turn green, it happens. And it’s salt in the wound when they’re cool, too. I mean, don’t these people have flaws?

All that being said, writers are some of the friendliest, most encouraging people I’ve ever met. It’s because they’ve been there. They’ve written the novel, queried agents who are busy, doubted themselves and lived through it. Well, some of them anyway. The rest are still in the trenches waiting to get the call. (Don’t worry. It’ll happen.)

The point is, other writers can offer encouragement the way no one else can. Knowing they have self-doubt, or that they were rejected a hundred times before they got a contract, offers a shred of hope and let’s face it, hope is all you have, sometimes for a very long time.

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