Spring Weather

I find myself both fascinated and terrified of Mother Nature. Am I the only one who feels this way? Last night I was sleeping soundly, no doubt drooling into my comfy pillow, but at 1:30 the severe weather siren directly behind my house blared to life. I shot straight up and flung the covers back because to me, the siren is the signal to turn on the news.

Sure enough, the local guys were all in a tizzy pointing out areas of ‘rotation’ and while during the daylight hours I would be staring at the sky in wonder of its severity, in the blind darkness I’m not so much fascinated as I am a bundle of nerves on high alert waiting to hear the sound of the inevitable freight train.

I love Spring with its flowers and sunshine, but tornadoes are for the birds. Mother Nature to you I say, you can keep your funnel clouds and just send me a light rain.

Your friend who likes sleep – but not in a bathtub with my children

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