Writers Living with Rejection

We all go through it. The blanket email rejection. But how do you keep your head up and keep writing? At what point do you throw in the towel and say the heck with it? Why do I keep torturing myself? The answer is you never quit.

Why? Because you’ve got the writing bug. The kind that bites you and never lets go. The kind that makes you feel the need to tell your stories. To get your ideas down on paper. It’s not a choice, it’s a passion. And that’s why you do it. You keep writing, taking classes, and suffering through ‘the process’ because it’s who you are.

And you have to believe that one day it’s going to happen. The phone is going to ring and on the other end of the line a voice, the sweetest you’ve ever heard, is going to say they liked your manuscript. They’re going to tell you they want to go on the journey with you. And that call will make it all worthwhile. Or maybe you’ll decide to self-publish and take control of your own destiny. To that I say good for you. So until that time comes, keep your head up, keep writing and never let the blanket email get you down.


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