Big Character Deaths

It’s spring, which means season finales are lurking right around the corner. It also means the networks are gearing up to shock, surprise and hook their viewers. It’s always been the norm to kill off a character in a finale to go for the big OMG moment, but as of late shows seems to be offing main characters at an alarming rate.

Anyone who watches The Walking Dead or The Good Wife will know what I mean, but what I want to know is if what the networks are doing is a good idea. Has it gotten to the point where it’s done too often? Now on a show like TWD it makes sense in the story that people will die. Hello zombie apocalypse, survival of the fittest, but other shows seem to be jumping on the bandwagon as well. For example, The Good Wife recently killed a major character and it wasn’t the finale, but the aftershocks of losing that particular character will drive the story moving on. Killing a main character isn’t new, but they did it in an unexpected place, before the season finale.

I want to know what you all think. What do you think about killing off main characters? Has it become commonplace? Are we getting to a place where we expect it?

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