Memorable Characters

The Oscars are a time for celebrating filmmaking, acting and of course fashion. Aside from performing at the top of their game, actors have a chance to bring fascinating characters to life. Often times they are characters based on real life people, but sometimes the characters are straight out of a writer’s mind. As a writer, we want people to feel something for our characters. We want them to fall in love with a person derived from our imaginations, or in the case of Gone Girl, marvel at how evil a character can be. Either way, the point is we want them to feel something.

This year’s nominees have done an outstanding job of doing just that. Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey are brilliant in Dallas Buyer’s Club. Lupita Nyong O moves us in 12 Years a Slave and Kate Blanchette is fierce in Blue Jasmine. It was an exceptional year for actors.

I can’t wait to fall in love with more characters from the screen and the page in 2014. Is there a character who touched you this year? One you couldn’t put down or stop watching? I would love to hear who you loved.


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